Culture Skill-Building for Product Leaders and Teams

Upcoming Event August 22nd

@Runway Innovation Hub, San Francisco

Shaping Culture:
A skill-based framework for team performance

An interactive presentation for leaders and members of teams creating products or services of any kind. Anyone interested is welcome to attend, of course.

August 22, 10:00am - 12:30pm

regular priced tickets $65
optional lunch discussion add-on ($15) from 12:30 - 1:30

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@GitHub, San Francisco, April 13

Ethics, Tech, and Teams:
Shaping the People & Products that are Shaping the World

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Ethos* = Retention Growth
Employees. And then Customers.

When it comes to ROI, company culture might be the best investment you can make. But building a great culture is difficult at best. And these days there are all kinds of new, complex ways morale is getting kicked in the gut. Hard.

  • backlash by the general public against a "Silicon Valley mindset"
  • misuse, and illicit use, of products and services
  • harmful, unforeseen effects of technology innovation

These don’t just cost you customers and market share. They cost you employee satisfaction and turnover.

*Ethos is a precursor for cultural norms. It includes things like purpose, values, and relationships.

We do Fitness for Team Health

You need an organizational ethos that yields a robust culture and robust teams. And one that additionally produces products or services that build trust and do right by your customers.

In both cases, it turns out the answer lies in Ethical Theory.* Not the kind of check-boxes, good-bad-right-wrong, esoteric-out-there ethics. But the improve-relationships-and-enhance-outcomes-through-behavior kind.

Ethics can feel daunting. Working with us is simple.

*A lot of great research on this topic. Let us know if you want to talk and get nerdy with us.

Ethos Practice makes Product Progress

Our framework, Etho-design™, builds ethics agility through practices integrated with your existing processes. We partner with you to deliver real ROI:

  1. cultivate better products and teams
  2. prove to the market you care (ie build trust)
  3. and preempt public push back (the right way).

We offer a variety of interactive training options including seminars and workshops. And we are available for coaching and consulting to target specific needs and outcomes.

Ready to explore the next step that’s a right fit? Let's find time to schedule a video call.

The human(Ethos) Collective

We are a multi-disciplinary collective organized around a passion for leadership and team transformation. Each member offers a unique depth of expertise and breadth of experience.

We partner for client engagements and workshops. We gather as a community to share learning, seek feedback, and deepen our relationships. As a group, we will be publishing articles, case studies, and podcasts.

human(Core Team)

David S Price

David S Price

Serial tech entrepreneur, Consultant, Advisor & Coach

Kresten Froistad-Martin, PhD

Kresten Froistad-Martin, PhD

Ethics and Social Theory

Barry Brown

Barry Brown

Leadership Dev, Singularity University


Steven Simske, PhD

Steven Simske, PhD

former HP Fellow and Labs Director, CSU Professor

David Horner, PhD

David Horner, PhD

Ethics, D. Phil University of Oxford

David Turner

David Turner

Leadership Dev, Philosophy

Karl Rauscher

Karl Rauscher

former Bell Labs Fellow, founder Association of Cloud Robot Operators

If you share our passion and have interest in joining our collective, we would welcome a conversation to learn more about you and your work. Just reach out via the link below.